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Brand New Game Boy Game Coria and The Sunken City

A Game Boy adventure game

The Game Boy games keep on coming! Another super cool looking Game Boy game is being created.

Coria and the Sunken City is a brand new indie adventure game for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

Here is what the developers have to say about it.

Follow young adventurer Coria on her travels across the mysterios island of Agoe! Find new skills and weapons to help you on your way, overcome obstacles, beat ferocious enemies and bosses and uncover an ancient secret!

  • Explore a vast open island world
  • Meet friendly islanders who help you on your quest
  • Fight Bosses hiding in the temples under the island
  • Unlock and upgrade your weapons and skills
  • Discover hidden secrets
  • Uncover the lurking horror threatening Ahoe Island

They also say that there will be a physical cartridge release in the future!

I love the fact indie developers are still making games for this classic handheld console.

Programmed in Assembly

A lot of new Game Boy games, such as Dragonbourne, are created using the excellent GB Studio, however Coria and the Sunken City is different, as it is being written in assembly to make the most out of the hardware.

Playable Demo

There is a playable demo available on the Coria and the Sunken City website.

Release Trailer

You can watch the release trailer below: