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Brand New Game Boy Game Dragonborne

An adventure RPG game for the Game Boy

The Game Boy has a massive collection of excellent games and it’s about to get a brand new game called Dragonborne.

Dragonborne is an adventure RPG made by indie game developer, Spacebot Interactive, who are based in the UK and Germany.

They say it contains 6-7 hours of gameplay with various quests and puzzles to complete throughout the game. It definitely looks like one for fans of Final Fantasy and classic Zelda games.

You can pre-order it now for £42.00 including a box and a manual, just the cartridge for £23.00, or just the ROM for £12.00. I have to say the cartridge design looks pretty sweet.

I love the fact indie developers are still putting out new retro inspired games for this classic handheld console.

Here is the release trailer:

Also, there is already a review on YouTube, which you can watch below: